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American Center for Law and Justice Mission Station
Amnesty International New Testament Gateway
Are the Passion and Easter Stories Anti-Semitic? Chosen People Ministries
On Religion
Bible Gateway Open Doors USA
Bible Picture Tour Pocket New Testament League
Calvary Chapel International Network Prophecy Central
Catholic World News Religion in Russia
Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity Religion Statistics
Justice & Mercy, Inc. Resources for New Christians
Chinese Bible Index Russian Bible Index
Christian Interactive Network Spiritual Gifts Discovery Tool
Christian Legal Society Sports Spectrum
Christianity Today Truepath Christian Web Hosting
The Confessor The Word For Today
Creation Super Library Christian Search
A Voice to All Nations The Imitation of Christ
Jerusalem Christian Review World Net Daily News
Ministry of Helps World Religions Index
Sacred Space
First Apology of Justin, the Martyr


Are the Passion and Easter Stories Really Anti-Semitic? http://www.leaderu.com/theology/passion_antisemitic.html Ben Witherington III points out how the Gospels reflect not a contention between Jews and Gentiles, but between Jews and Jews since Christ and His first disciples were all Jewish.
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The Bible Gateway  www.prayergear.com/bgw.html is the tremendous electronic concordance on our Spiritual Resource Services/Prayergear.com web site.  This one is more than an electronic tool, it is a Bible search web site. Here is how it describes itself: "The Bible Browser is a simple but powerful interface designed to help you browse the Bible actively, in a way that is not possible with traditional printed books. Using the Bible Browser, you can look up biblical passages directly, by keyword, substring, or word pattern. You can also perform phrase searches, execute logical operations on groups of passages, retrieve passages from different versions, and limit in various ways the quantity and range of material retrieved."
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Bible Picture Tour  www.mustardseed.net It will take you hours to explore this wondrous site! Once in, you can download a virtual camera program (very quickly with little memory space), click on one of the multitudes of Holy Lands scenes, and explore it from the inside out! You are in the room of the Last Supper, for instance, and you point your camera to the ceiling, all four walls, the floor, the corridors and even walk around. Check it out and please let me know what you think!
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Chinese Bible Index www2.ccim.org/~bible/hb5.html For our missionaries and Christians in Chinese-speaking countries who do not have easy access to native language Bibles for duplication.
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The Confessor  www.theconfessor.co.uk This site is sponsored by the British based Premier Christian Radio and offers biblically sound principles regarding keeping our relationship with God unhindered by sin, including scripture references, prayers and short commentaries. (Please note: This is not to be confused with several other sites we came across that actually invite people to share their shortcomings on the site for the response of others. This is tantamount to gossip (and vulture gathering!), which is a sin, so we will NOT feature these sites.)
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Creation Super Library www.christiananswers.net/creation/home.html There has been an increase in the media reporting of the issue of creation versus evolution, especially pertaining to public education. This is a very comprehensive web site offering categories such as "Origin of Life," "Origin of Species," "Fossil Record," "Educational System," "Dinosaurs," "Catastrophe," "Astronomy," and more. It is a "super library" of great value to ministers, teachers, parents and all defenders of the faith.
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Voice to All Nations www.prayergear.com/guide.html The invention of 'movable type' - the printing press, transformed education, learning, evangelism and communication. It laid the foundations for the Renaissance, the arts, sciences, and the world as we know it today. The digital revolution is bringing about a similar huge change in evangelism, Christian discipleship and community, in ways which are only just beginning.
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Jerusalem Christian Review www.christian.edu This site provides very interesting articles and perspectives including news articles pertinent to today's issues.
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Justice & Mercy, Inc.  www.justicemercy.org   Our criminal justice system is a failing system that hurts many although intending to help. The number of inmates and the cost of incarceration has dramatically increased in the last 5-10 years (inmates by 29%, cost by 51%). As a direct result many marriages fail (after 2 years of incarceration), the risk for children of failed marriages and/or with incarcerated parents to commit crimes and enter prisons increases, a 70% recidivism rate for worse crimes than committed the first time and an increase in drug related crimes. All prisoners are sons, daughters, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, grandchildren and in-laws - therefore effecting every single one of us.
The general population does not care what happens in prisons and to inmates, they have a “you’ve done the crime, now do the time” attitude. In reality this is probably a major contribution to our crime problem. We shout “get tougher” and max their time, however, no one is talking about the downside of that harsh policy!
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Ministry of Helps  www.gospelcom.net/moh The Ministry of Helps presents a wide variety of resources and writings to help you become a better servant of Christ and ambassador of His kingdom. Review "The Daniel Files," Bill and Winkie Pratney's latest discipleship manual and the RealMedia versions of Pratney's teachings! Leadership resources, Bible study aides and even Christian fiction (such as the delightful Christian version of Star Trek) are food for the soul.
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Mission Station  www.missionaries.org This web site isn't just about missionary work. It is a virtual clearinghouse of hundreds of links to other sites in well organized categories of Christian experience and interest. Some include organizations, news services, country mission sites, specialty missions, theology, travel advice, world religions and the basics of how to become a missionary. Another great resource to bookmark!
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Resources for New Christians www.newchristian.org.uk This web site describes itself as "The UK's number 1 site for new Christians providing everything needed to nurture a new Christian. You may still be wondering what being a Christian is all about. What does putting your faith in Jesus mean? What changes are you to expect in your life? How can you explain about Jesus to your friends and family? This site aims to answer all your questions about your new life as a disciple of Jesus. If you can't find the answer here, contact us by email and we will do our best to help you. Included in our resources we have a comprehensive FAQ page which gives answers to various questions non-Christians ask about our faith. Check out too our beginner's guide to the Bible. The site is run by mainline evangelical UK Christians who subscribe to the Apostles' Creed."
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New Testament Gateway  www.ntgateway.com One of my friends, colleague and a subscriber suggested what she says is a great web site for featuring on this page. (I love it when any of you help to make Prayergear.com even better.) I visited the New Testament Gateway and agree. You can explore topics such as the historical Jesus, Judaica, maps, art and images, bibliography, Greek New Testament, Bible Translations, Jesus in film, archeology, e-lists, and much more. It is recognized by many Christian organizations as one of the best web sites on the Net.
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Chosen People Ministries http://www.chosenpeople.com This is the very informative and comprehensive web site of Chosen People Ministries, Messianic Jews who declare, "There is a 'Messianic portrait' found in the Hebrew Scriptures and in the teachings of our ancient Jewish sages. It portrays a man who would also embody the nature of God Almighty. This Messiah would serve, suffer and die. He would also rise and will return one day to rule. Only one person resembles this portrait -- in every detail. It is Yeshua, Jesus. A Jewish person who accepts the Messianic claims of Yeshua has simply embraced the Messianic hope penned over thousands of years by the Jewish authors of Scripture."
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On Religion www.gospelcom.net/tmattingly Terry Mattingly's weekly newsletter, "On Religion," is syndicated in about 350 newspapers. These commentaries provide an intersting and provocative perspective on current events, increasing in important as we need to better "read the signs" as we approach the new millennium. The archives section allows you to search for particular topics of personal interest.
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Pray for Persecuted Christians
Open Doors USA  www.opendoorsusa.org

Prayer for Persecuted Christians:

Wherever we are on this earth, we are blessed
with the ability to join one another
through the Holy Spirit in prayer
for the members of the Body of Christ
who are currently being persecuted in His Name.
Let us continue to join in one voice petitioning our Father
on behalf of our persecuted brothers and sisters:
"Stay alert and keep praying for God's people." (Ephesians 6:18.)
An authoritative source of information regarding
the status of persecuted Christians around the world is the
Open Doors: Prayer Force Alert
P.O. Box 27001, Santa Ana, CA 92799
(949) 752-6600

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Pocket New Testament League www.readcarryshare.org "The focus of our ministry has gone back to its original roots of: Providing witnessing tools to those that become members of The League by committing to Reading a portion of God's Word each day, Carrying it with you, and Sharing it with others as the Lord gives opportunity." The revised web site features: Become a free member; history; a newsletter; great stories; prayer request and praises; League events; member forum and a free correspondence course.
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Prophecy Central   www.bible-prophecy.com This is a remarkably comprehensive resource regarding prophecy studies and current issues. If you point your browser to www.bible-prophecy.com/maitreya.htm you will be taken directly to "Maitreya - A False Christ", a commentary regarding the self-proclaimed Christ. Be prepared for a treasure of valuable information.
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Religion Statistics   www.adherents.com Statistics covering membership in "over 4,000 religions, churches, denominations, religious bodies, faith groups, tribes, cultures, movements, ultimate concerns, etc." Indexes of religion by country and by name; statistics on largest communities of religions by countries and states of the U. S.; religious affiliations of U. S. presidents and current members of Congress. Lists of scriptures by religion; FAQ and L-FAQ ("less frequently asked, but interesting, questions"). Links to other religious sites. This is a huge site with great features and info. Pour yourself a cup of java or a glass of iced tea and prepare to spend a little time.
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Russian Bible Index www.irrtv.org/Russian/Bible/indexNT.html For our missionaries and Christians in Russian-speaking countries who do not have easy access to native language Bibles for duplication.
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Spiritual Gifts Discovery Tool  www.cforc.com/sgifts.html You'll be taken to a web site that has both an online and offline version of a 110 item questionnaire. It is biblically designed to provide thought, guidance or affirmation (of what you already know) regarding your spiritual gifts through a numerically based scoring system resulting in your profile. I found it personally interesting and also saw how it could be used as the basis for a great series of Bible studies, as well as a great family activity.
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Sports Spectrum  www.christianitytoday.com/sports Sports Spectrum is a ministry division of Radio Bible Class. It took a while to explore this wonderful site that features well known athletes who committed themselves and work to God. This isn't about athletics but about inspiring stories of fellow Christians, their testimonies and even radio clips of their profession of faith....Important information for people of all ages and interests.
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The Imitation of Christ (Book 2: The Interior Life) http://leaderu.com/cyber/books/imitation/imb2.html#RTFToC89 For five hundred years, this wondrous book by Thomas a Kempis, now in over fifty languages, has inspired millions with understanding, wisdom and intimate prayer. Written in a time more dangerous and distressed than our own, Thomas' reflections on the personhood of Jesus and the Way continue to provide powerful inspiration and guidance. From this link to Book 2, you can explore the entire work.
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TruePath.com - Free Christian Web Site Hosting  www.truepath.com This site offers Christian web hosting, including free web space and website creation tools for building home pages. The Psalms say "I will sing Your praises unto all the nations." Ever wonder how you could do that and help spread the Gospel throughout the world? Your own free homepage is one way to do that and honor the Lord with your praises and witness on the World Wide Web. But TruePath.com offers much more! This site is rich in resources to explore, especially the "Paths," which is similar in nature to a "web ring": Click on one of the many categories (such as literature, business, faith, family, health, science and others) and you'll find hundreds of links to related Christian sites.
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The Word for Today  www.thewordfortoday.org This site is part of the outreach of Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, CA, pastored by Chuck Smith, the founder of the Calvary Chapel international movement. "In a broad general sense, Calvary Chapel is the middle ground between fundamentalism and Pentecostalism...Over the years...fundamentalism, while it clung to the integrity of God's Word, tended to become rigid, legalistic, and unaccepting of spiritual gifts. Similarly, Pentecostalism became enthusiastic and emotional at the expense of the teaching of God's Word. Calvary Chapel is the balance between the two." (Larry Taylor, "What Calvary Chapel Teaches", 1994) This web site is instructive and media-intensive, providing you live radio and live talk TV, audio and literature products, and an excellent exposition by Chuck Smith on its "About" page. The home page of this site will tell you in scrolling text that they are working on constructing a secure product ordering system, but you can still order items by snail mail. Check it out and let us know what you think!
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World Religions Index  wri.leaderu.com As with our Halloween Perspectives, it's important for us to understand what motivates others, what beliefs shape our culture and social practices, and to be able to refute unbiblical philosophies with knowledge. This is an excellent site providing information at a click on the major (and some minor) world religions…and offers much more!
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Sacred Space http://www.sacredspace.ie/   One of our web site visitors wrote, "I'm a trained spiritual director and found this site through one of my teachers during practicum. It makes pondering and reflecting on the Word daily very easy, even when traveling." We agreed and decided to post this resource here. Those who need guidance in their prayer practice will find this site very useful.

First Apology of Justin, the Martyr http://www.prayergear.com/FirstApologyofJustintheMartyr.html  The DaVinci Code mania disputed what the early Christians believed regarding the divinity of Christ, referencing 4th century "gospels." This book was written to the Roman Emperor in A.D. 155 in an effort to explain the Christian faith and practices at that time. This priceless literature is authoritative and accurate, written less than 100 years after Christ's ascension. Justin was renamed "Justin Martyr" after his execution by the Romans. Compare your church's beliefs and practices with Justin's first person account of the early Christian churches! (The many links within this book open to a new window (outside of Prayergear.com) and are a treasure to explore, especially for pastors and teachers of churches.)

OCC Search

If you would like us to consider featuring your web site on this page, email us at prayercare@aol.com


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