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A Love Letter from Our Lord

Preface: Unlike fictionalized poetry and inspirational literature, the following essay is comprised totally of verses of Scripture (CEV) put in the first-person with minimal editorializing. References are listed at the conclusion by number.

My dear children,

        I speak to you as My friends. You didn't choose me. I chose you and sent you to produce fruit, the kind that will last. So I will give you whatever you ask for in the Name of My Son the Christ. [1]

        Yes, your human eyes see Me as though they look at a dark and cloudy image in a mirror. [2] Even my faithful servant, David, cried to Me, "My God, why have You deserted me? Why are You so far away? I cry out day and night but You don't answer and I can never rest." [3] But, My children, the ocean looks at Me and it trembles deep down with fear. My thunder roars like chariot wheels. I walk through the water of the mighty sea but My footprints are never seen. I guide My people like a flock of sheep. [4] I can be seen in storms and whirlwinds. Clouds are the dust from My feet. At the sight of Me, mountains tremble and melt. But I am good and I protect those who trust Me in times of trouble. [5] Those with a pure heart will see Me! [6]

        Before I gave you the gift of My Son because I love you and want you to be reborn and live forever in your trust in Him [7], some asked for signs from Me due to your unbelief. [8] Until My Son's sacrifice of love, you never asked anything of Me in His Name, but now you must; then it will be given to you so that you will be completely happy. [9] My Son needed to leave the earth in His physical form so that the Holy Spirit Who proceeds from Us can come to you. [10] The Holy Spirit shows what is true and will guide you into full truth. The Spirit brings glory to Me by taking My message and telling it to you. [11]

        Now, My children, all of you can come to Me by the same Spirit. [12] Whenever you are in need, come boldly before My throne of mercy and I will treat you with grace and you will find help. [13] My Son protects you and the devil cannot harm you. [14] In your temporary suffering, I will make you complete, steady, strong and firm. I am in control forever! [15]

        However, you must pray! You must give yourselves fully to prayer and always pray by the power of the Holy Spirit, not by your own. [16] My will is not always done because of your sin, self-indulgence and your unbelief. Anyone who comes to Me must believe and fully trust Me so that Holy Spirit's power is not hindered. [17]

        That is why I tell you to pray that My will be done on the earth, in your lives, as it is always done in My heavenly realm. [18] Yes, you struggle and suffer, but your real enemy isn't of the physical world. Your battle is with the rulers and powers of the dark spiritual realm, against the forces of evil [19] But My mighty strength will make you strong! [20] And My power is strongest when you are weak! [21] You don't act like the people of the world. Your weapons of battle aren't the same as the world uses. Instead, your weapon is My power that can destroy fortresses and strongholds! [22]

        Some of you say you don't know My will. But I have told you: It is for you to have the desires of your hearts within the covenant of obedience to Me. I will bless those who want to obey Me more than to eat or drink: You will be given what you want! [23] I also tell you My will directly through the Holy Spirit! All of your thoughts are known to Me. Sometimes you just don't know for what to pray, not knowing My will. But the Holy Spirit prays for you in ways that cannot be put into words! The mind of the Holy Spirit in you is known to Me and the Spirit prays for My people. [24]

        My Spirit reveals My will and all truth to you. [25] Pray for that will to be done on the earth, in the world ruled by the prince of evil, that you will be delivered from all evil. [26]

        I am always at work for the good of all who love Me. You have been chosen for My special purpose. I always knew who you would be. I decided to let you become like My own Son, so that My Son would be the first of many children. I share My glory with you! [27]

        My Spirit and My bride, (the Body of the Christ,) say to you, come! If you are thirsty, come! If you want life-giving water, come and take it! It's free! [28] You know My will for you through the Holy Spirit. Pray for it! Delight yourselves in Me, and I will fulfill the desires of your hearts! [29]. Delight yourselves in Me, My children!

The Lord, your God

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John S. Hilkevich, Ph.D.
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