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     <>< A Taste of Heaven
     <>< God Told Me
     <>< The Many Levels of Folly
     <>< Christ-Centered or Self-Centered?
     <>< Same Old Terrorism, New Face

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Article and Commentary Pages:

  <>< First Apology of Justin, the Martyr  ~ The DaVinci Code mania disputed what the early Christians believed regarding the divinity of Christ, referencing 4th century "gospels." This book was written to the Roman Emperor in A.D. 155 in an effort to explain the Christian faith and practices at that time. This priceless literature is authoritative and accurate, written less than 100 years after Christ's ascension. Justin was renamed "Justin Martyr" after his execution by the Romans. Compare your church's beliefs and practices with Justin's first person account of the early Christian churches! (The many links within this book open to a new window (outside of Prayergear.com) and are a treasure to explore, especially for pastors and teachers of churches.)
  <>< A Personal Relationship with Jesus? ~ A provocative commentary on what it means to have a personal relationship with Divinity .
  <>< What Are We Thinking? ~ The nature of understanding and separating spirituality from politics and culture.
  <>< Religious Freedom Day, 2006 ~ The constitutional rights of US students to express their religious beliefs in schools .
  <>< Fetal Hand Grasping Doctor's Finger ~ A remarkable photo and story of a child in utero reaching out to his doctor.
  <>< Witnesses and Martyrs ~ A calling for all of us, but what does it entail?
  <>< Homosexuality and Other Aberrations ~ How the Politically Correct Craze Harms Psychology and Theology                                                         
  <>< Good and Bad Reasons for Being Christian ~ Mystical and Rational Approaches to Evangelism  
  <>< Exegesis of Scripture, the Word and Prayer ~ Mystical and Rational Approaches to Extracting Meaning
  <>< God Does Not Live in the Present Either ~ An academic response to "open" and "process" theology.
  <>< Forgive Me For Not Speaking Up, This Time ~ Prison ministries, speaking up for and visiting Christ
                                                                                          in our prisons, and learning from Him there.
                                                                                         Also see
Prison Ministry
  <>< Living the Passion and Resurrection, 2004 ~ The passion and resurrection of Christ is not a celebration .
                                                                                     of reminiscence but rather an experience for us today.

  <>< Entering the Meaning of the Passion ~ The elements of physical, emotional and spiritual suffering:
                                                                            What's the redemptive focus?

  <>< It's All Greek to Me ~ What were the writers of Scripture really saying?
  <>< Participating in the Passion of Christ ~ A prayerful sharing in Christ's redemptive suffering.
  <>< Sanctifying Trust ~ The dynamic of learning holiness and trust through God's discipline.
  <>< The Biology of Sin ~ A medical consideration of sin.
  <>< The Now and Future of the Kingdom ~ Exploring "Your kingdom come".
  <>< Contemplative and Active Living ~ Not a balance but a fusion.
  <>< The Jesus Depth Finder ~ How deeply has the Christ penetrated our souls?
  <>< The Jewish Heritage of Christianity ~ Historical, cultural and spiritual.
  <>< Comprehensively Speaking on Prayer ~ Scientific Research and Theology .
  <>< National Day of Prayer ~ The Annual Call to National Prayer.
  <>< Rachel Is Still Weeping ~ The Question of Unanswered Prayer.
  <>< Fasting From The Self   ~ Taking fasting into self-denial in Christ.
  <>< Theology Versus Experience ~ Making talk our walk.
  <>< For Those Who Persecute Christ ~ Christ's teachings in response to persecution.
  <>< Blessed Assurance or Tragic Surprise? ~ What constitutes salvation and how certain is it?
  <>< A Psalm to My Lord ~ A poem of praise and wonder.
  <>< A Prayer for Victory over Powerlessness ~ A comprehensive prayer composed of Scripture.
  <>< Don't Explain It Away:  God's Will is Yes ~ A consideration of what God's will truly is.
  <>< What Comes After Saying "Yes" to Christ? ~ On ongoing conversion and sanctification.
  <>< A Prayer Story (Death Valley and God's Table) ~ A short story on the spiritual pilgrimage.
  <>< Who Is the Holy Spirit? ~ Considering the least talked about Person of the Trinity.
  <>< The Call of Christ ~ Looking carefully at the dynamics of redemption.
  <>< Lord, Teach Us To Pray ~ Elaborating on the "Lord's Prayer".
  <>< Prayer for Redemption ~ Responding to the Voice of Christ and His Gospel.
  <>< Bill of Citizenship in the Kingdom ~ A Scriptural Guide for Christian living.
  <>< Celebration Prayer, Year 2000 ~ Praying in the new millennium.
  <>< A Love Letter from Our Lord ~ Personal letter from Christ composed entirely of Scripture.
  <>< The Strategies of the Army of Darkness ~ Understanding spiritual warfare (three-part series).
  <>< A Prayer: Breaking the Strongholds ~A supplement to the Army of Darkness series.
  <>< Spiritual Warfare: Fad Versus Reality
  <>< Prayers ~ Model and teaching prayers.
  <>< To Honor and Behold   ~Commentary on Two Gospel Teachers Who Used Few Words.
  <>< Open Letter to the Christian Community ~ A call to faith-based activism.
  <>< Guest Commentary on Open Letter ~ A response to the call to faith-based activism.
  <>< Prayers vs God's Will   ~ An essay on a difficult question: how does prayer impact God's will?
  <>< Intention and Faith:  An Invitation ~ Intriguing (and interactive) article on the power of intention and faith.
  <>< EFT and Sprituality ~ The power of  intention and the spirituality of Emotional Freedom Techniques.

  <>< ARCHIVES ~   A variety of articles on behavioral and neurological disorders blended with theology, including
                                    Attention Deficit Disorder, Tourette Syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
                                    plus inspirational pieces.

  <><  A VOICE TO ALL NATIONS ~  Tools, instruction, and resources for anyone addressing the world
                                                                   from their home or office computer.

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