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~ A Psalm to My Lord ~

 "Who am I?" asked Jesus of those few.
Peter replied, "The Messiah, Son of God are You."
"Blessed you are for flesh and blood did not reveal this,
"When I am lifted up I will draw all with My bliss."

Later He arose from the dead.
Seeing Him again filled them with dread.
Because they still did not understand,
As He said, "Peace to you!" and stretched forth His hand.

Jesus asked, "Do ghosts have flesh and bone?"
As they stared at the only bloodless living body ever known.
Jesus was no longer flesh and blood like they.
"My Lord and my God!" was all they could say.

"I am the living water," He declares.
Living Water enticingly dances and shares
Peace, power, love and life at its best,
Always stirring and moving, never at rest.

"Drink of Me and always be full,
"Of overwhelming love and irresistible pull."
Mystical Body, approaching very near it,
Then ecstatically losing myself in His Holy Spirit.

Jesus, my Love, You want to abide in me,
Thus my soul and spirit will live totally free.
Jesus, my Savior, I want to abide in You,
Thus my mind and heart become totally new.

My Beloved, my faith is what You desire,
And through it You sanctify me with holy fire.
As a rain drop falls to be consumed by the earth,
I rise to greet you every morning in daily rebirth.

Consume me, my Lord, as the earth drinks the rain.
Consume my ego, my thoughts, my love and my pain.
Let all who look at me be reminded of You,
For the Master is greater than the servant, holy and true.

Your suffering and sacrifice bought me at great cost.
Without You, every being, every soul, would be forever lost.
You are my High Priest, my source of Light.
You empower me against the armies of the night.

The world I created shattered and fell,
As all corruptible treasures and work are destined for hell.
As the clay must yield to the potter or be thrown away,
Continue to nail to Your cross all in me that is not of Your Way.

I don't wish to improve my imperfect being.
I wish to take my imperfections and send them fleeing,
Replacing my heart and mind with Yours, my Love,
Being sealed by Your Spirit and the signs of the water, fire and dove.

My Lord, I give You my freedom and will,
As my soul delights in Your grace and Spirit's fill.
All that I cherish to hold, use, feel and see,
Are gifts You have lovingly given to me.

I surrender it all to be used by You,
My pain, weakness and challenges too.
With You as my Way, my Truth, my Life, my Bliss,
I cannot be any wealthier than I am with Your Eternal Kiss.

John S. Hilkevich, Ph.D.
Spiritual Resource Services

Weekly Reflections © April 14, 2001

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