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~ Poems of the Spirit ~

Two Redbirds

A Cardinal one day
Was drawn to a certain fence.
Eagerly he awaited
Anticipation turned into suspense.

Why was he here?
What was that feeling inside?
As he spoke these words to God
He knew that he’d abide.

The wind gently whispered
“There’s a reason that you’re here.
Come a little closer,
And to God bend your ear.”

So the little bird sat
And waited best he could.
When suddenly a female cardinal
Landed on his wood.

She glanced at him then asked,
“How much do you love your Lord?”
He was so pleased to have a friend
That soon his heart he poured.

The two birds learned quite quickly
That together they could soar,
To great spiritual heights
So they yearned and cried for more.

They hummed and chirped and sang
And gave thanks to God above,
For His beauty and His grace
His mercy and His love.

They encouraged one another
For most of one whole season;
Knowing God had brought them together
For a very special reason.

You see both had tired greatly
Of things of this earthly place.
They longed for nothing more
Than to meet Jesus face to face.

But each had needed a friend
With faith just like their own.
And by sharing each other’s company
They saw what they’d always known.

That the Maker of the stars
Has this life perfectly planned.
And that by doing the will of God
You never know where you will land.

A Glimpse

Sweet Jesus, my love for you is endless
I yearn for heaven’s embrace.
Please let me see a glimpse
Of your kind and radiant face.

Fill me with the joy
That’s surely felt when you’re up there
The awe and beauty and laughter
The peace that’s everywhere.

I’ve tried to share the Gospel
The times you’ve shown the way,
That other’s may feel your love
And open their hearts and pray.

I long for your approval
And hope you see I’ve tried.
To live my life the way you’d have it.
I know I can not hide.

I ache to stand before you
Humble and filled with sin.
I pray  you’ll see the good in me
And that you’ll let me in.

I want to see the light
That surely radiates from you.
The way you walk and talk
Your loving touch and things you do.

Your glory here on Earth
Is what I’m striving for.
Please let me see a glimpse
Of what you have in store.

Poem to God

How am I to understand
The timing and will of God?
The answer seems to lie
In the ability to nod.

Hundreds of decisions are made each day
Without a thought to the Potter
Who molded and shaped our hearts and souls
And gave us sons and daughters.

Is it intentional this lack of trust?
In waiting on God for a reply?
I think it’s that we’re not in his Word
So we’re unaware if it's truth or lie.

Clarity of purpose can only be achieved
Through time spent listening to Him
Instead of moving ahead full force
And answering on a whim.

When pressed to make decisions too fast
We should stop and take time to consult
If we bring our requests before the Lord
An answer  comes as a result.

So, do we have to rush about
And make so many mistakes?
The answer lies in the Potter’s hands
And His patience with all that He makes.

The Wish
Proverbs 24:3

If I could only have
One wish granted me this day
A Mansion of a house
Is what my lips would say.

For the foundation I would use
The strongest rock around
My search would be in places
Where only wisdom is found.

For by wisdom is a house built
By understanding is it made firm
I’d read God’s holy word
Slowly I would learn.

For by knowledge are its rooms filled
With precious and pleasing possessions
Like faith, hope and love
Three of life’s biggest blessings.

The kitchen provides the place
Where I receive his daily bread
I can eat till I’m content
Then slowly I am led.

To a room so filled with books
They reach from ceiling to floor
Each filled with ways to honor God
I read and read some more.

But as if that isn’t enough
There’s an urge for me to move on,
To the balcony that overlooks
The flowers and fine trimmed lawn.

It’s cloaked all in darkness
This time of the night,
The sky is sprinkled with diamonds
God’s finest show of light.

I amble back to the master bedroom
Whispering praises to God above,
Thanking him for his mercy
His grace and endless love.

It is here in this room
That I take the time to see,
How much I love the dreams
That God has dreamed for me.

Anita M. Benna
Guest Contributor

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