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~ Divine Designer Delights ~

        A couple of hard-boiled eggs rested on the plate in front of me. "Another miracle taken for granted," I thought to myself. Unlike a strand of hair made of hundreds of cells, an egg is one single cell. I had been keeping my eye on the egg of a dove. I can't say the mother was patiently sitting on the precious egg to keep it warm. Only humans and the animals we domesticated (particularly dogs) are impatient. The mother was just being a mother in no hurry, sitting on her egg, waiting. In a very real sense, she was "waiting upon the Lord."

        Yes, our Creator designed that egg. You know, one cannot "evolve" or build an egg in increments. See, the white liquid of the egg mysteriously arranges itself into a bird with feathers, bones, eyes, heart and everything else. That just boggles my mind! But to do that, the white liquid needs food, an energy source. So a yellow yolk, the food, must be carefully placed in the center so all the liquid can be nourished.  The mother occasionally would roll the egg a little. How does she know the yolk must stay centered? The word "instinct" is useless. We invent words then think of them as understandings. DNA program or code is a little better. But let's not argue for the wondrously intricate and complex organization of the double helix to have emerged out of entropic chaos. That would require more "faith" than is needed to raise the dead.

        Of course, the miracle design of the egg keeps going on. The shell is fragile yet designed so you can squeeze it with 20 or more pounds (9.5 or more kilograms) on opposite ends without breaking it. (Try it on a raw chicken egg with your hands. The strength of other eggs depends on size, of course.) But inside this exquisite casing, the embryo that digests food needs to eliminate waste. So it needs a bladder and storage space. Now that requires advanced planning! All these geniously designed features plus much more I didn't mention must be all in place at the same time. White glop with its specific DNA code can't keep trying to be a bird for a million years of failure until it figures out that it needs a case and a ball of specialized food, then keep failing to make a bird for another million years until it accidentally finds out it's been drowning in its waste and needs an indoor toilet and septic tank.

        And nests!  So many different kinds!  One type of lark keeps placing moss on the right size fork of a branch then uses spider webs to make a platform. (Spider webs are many times stronger than steel at the same diameter, but that's another incredible design story.)  The bird uses more moss to build a cup with high walls while covering the outside with lichen siding. Of course, it makes a reinforced hole for a door, constructs a weatherproof dome and lines the inside with a carpet of feathers. Try making one of those for your kids without using your hands. Instinct, eh?

        Our eyes use over 20 million "electric lines" that process a couple million pieces of input at the same time. They connect directly to our brains made of over a 100 billion cells that communicate through 500 trillion nerve connectors. And it weighs only a few pounds. Thousands of messages come into the brain through the senses (another marvel) and join the brain's own electrical "noise" like thoughts and daydreams every second, and your brain decides which ones to bring to your attention, filtering out useless ones (unless the brain has an electrical malfunction which can cause Attention Deficit Disorder, learning disorders, mood disorders, etc.)

        During the past hour we traveled 43,000 miles (72,000 kilometers) through space on this wondrous planet. Other than our sun, the nearest star is Alpha Centauri, 4.3 light years away. (In one year light travels 6 trillion miles or 10 trillion km.) In our fastest spacecraft today, we could be near that closest star in 40,000 years. Our earth is near the edge of our galaxy, the Milky Way. Our large galaxy and the next nearest one, Andromeda, gradually spin around each other. Around us are more galaxies, over ten, such as The Megellanic Clouds and Draco. All these galaxies and ours (the "Local" Group) plus hundreds more, revolve around the Virgo Cluster made of a thousand galaxies and that is 53 million light years away.  To get an inadequate perspective of what "universe" means, imagine this galactic supercluster we are in as just a tiny dot, joined by 10 million more surrounding it. This is the universe that "cannot hold God."

        Children love lying on the ground to gaze at the star sprinkled sky. When was the last time you did that? Or just silently gawked at the wonder of a full moon? Philosopher Kant wrote, "If the stars came out once a century, humans would stay up all night long marveling at their beauty."  I disagree. I would hope that would happen if the stars were visible only every ten years. But why not just 24 hours? I remember going with some friends a few hours before dawn to a very isolated spot to view the last return of Haley's Comet. There were at least 50 people in our isolated spot! If the comet appeared every week instead of 76 years, few would gaze with awe at it as few do at the moon.

        Someone asked me what the purpose was for all these stars and galaxies, since the moon does have a vital job in maintaining life on earth. But when I gaze at the moon, I don't think of its many purposes, but rather of poetry and mystery. Can't God have some creative fun? After all, consider the giraffe or rhinoceros or elephant. They are hilarious looking! And don't tell me about the purpose or functions of long necks and big ears. I know them and you would just spoil the fun and awesome wonder.

        After patiently listening to Job and his friends debate the "purpose" and causes of things, God forcefully sets them straight: "Where were you when I laid the foundations of the Earth? Tell me if you have such insight.Who laid its cornerstone when the morning stars sang all together and all the sons of God shouted with joy? "(Job 38:4, 6b GW). God goes on with great detail, and specifically mentions the lion, crow, mountain goats, wild donkey, wild ox, ostrich, horse and birds. Humans, given even a million years, could never make a bird and breathe life into it, from raw organic elements. So certainly a bird, given a million years or more, could not make (or evolve) itself.

        And what about the purpose question? "The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky displays what His hands have made. One day tells a story to the next, without talking, without words, without their voices being heard. Yet their sound has gone out into the entire world, their message to the ends of the earth." (Psalm 19:1-4 GW)  Zillions of stars, flowers, fragrances, sounds, tastes, snowflakes and sea shells.  All singing our Creator's glory. And God's glory is His unfathomable love. God loves His creation, calling it "good."  When the sons of God were shouting with joy, God must have been shouting with excitement, joy and love! How sad He must feel when we gaze at a television hours a day and only glance at the moon, stars, flowers, birds and clouds only once in a while, if that. How tortured God the Creator must be every time someone teaches another that a magnificent life form "evolved."  And "we know that all creation has been groaning with the pains of childbirth up to present time." (Romans 8:22 GW).

        It is summer in the Northern Hemisphere where I am writing this. The young rabbits, birds, frogs, leaves, blades of grass and a zillion more bundles of life were not in existence last year. It's all new life! The sunlight, moonlight, and starlight is fresh every microsecond! Even the ancient water that falls from the clouds as rain is renewed (made new again)! All of these are loving kisses from our Creator. His greatest kiss of all was the redemptive gift of forgiveness and rebirth in the Christ our Lord. "Behold I make all things new!" "We are new creations in Christ." God just can't stop creating and kissing and I love Him so much! Don't look away from His radiant beauty popping out from everywhere. And when God  kisses you on your right cheek, turn your left cheek toward Him. God loves to give good gifts to His children, Jesus said. And kiss Him in return. Remember the Scriptures say we are we are His artistic workmanship, His poetry. (Ephesians 2:10)  Poems are not products of evolution, but living expressions of the Poet and His agape love.

John S. Hilkevich, Ph.D.
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