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~ The Call of Christ ~

Part 1 of 4

        "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life." "God is Love." Our Lord is all this, truth, love, life and the way, at the same time. Truth without love is incomplete truth. Love without truth is incomplete love. Life without love and truth is incomplete life. The synergy and completeness of Love, Truth, Love and the Way is embodied in the Christ.

        Last week we produced our 96th Weekly Reflection. Despite adversities, distractions, and life dramas with heavy assaults from the satanic prince of this world, these Reflections continued to be written and published on schedule, by God's grace and guidance. A writer must address a specific audience. I always addressed the Body of Christ through these Reflections. However, I know these are read by those who do not personally know God.

        I know that from the emails I received in response to the Weekly Reflections and I am happy to say that every one of them has been respectful and kind. However, I feel burdened by that. Without primary or renewed dedication to Christ and the embracing of His gift of Love, Truth, Life and Forgiveness, these Reflections are just fluff. Just seed thrown on hard soil with little chance of sprouting and growing.

        This Weekly Reflection is a substantial deviation from the previous ninety six. I am asking you to team up with me and help me write the next three together. Please share what you have to say about the essence of Christianity… The Way, the Truth and the Life. If you ever wondered how you could be a substantial part of the Great Commission, having your thoughts and testimony broadcast through out the world, here is your way, your opportunity to participate in Jesus' mandate of spreading His Gospel through out all nations.

        This past month's Weekly Reflections outlined the powers and privileges of the members of the Kingdom of God. Help me write about how to enter that kingdom! Please submit your comments and experiences with Jesus the Christ to prayercare@aol.com. Your submissions will be published without any reference to you, unless you indicate otherwise.

        This month's Weekly Reflections on The Call of Christ could be the most powerful series yet! I would be so delighted to publish a series of Reflections that were written by the Body of Christ, inspired by the Holy Spirit! We have the technology and set up to broadcast the Good News through out the world. You are invited and encouraged to use it as your forum!

        So let us create a part 2, 3 and 4 of this The Call of Christ Weekly Reflection series that lovingly invites others to ponder the gift of our Lord and ultimately embrace Him as Redeemer, Advocate and Friend. You all have a relationship with someone very special to you, a new friend or a friend of 30 years, a spouse, your child…Aren't you inclined to tell others about him or her? Are you not excited and enthused about having your friends meet your special friend or loved one? I feel that way about my Friend, Jesus. I am not ashamed or reticent about introducing others to my special Friend. Jesus is Someone I wish everyone I know, everyone with whom I'm in contact, would meet!

        If one of my friends or acquaintances knew a very special, powerful and life-influencing person, one who could transform my life and "make all things new", but that friend or acquaintance kept this person a secret from me, I would be hurt. I would ask, "Why? Why didn't you ever introduce me to him?"

        Our Friend, Jesus, needs to be introduced. Please help me do that.

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John S. Hilkevich, Ph.D.
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