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~ Sweet Sacrifices ~

Part 3 of 4

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Oh Lord, my God, can my sacrifices ever be sweet to Your palate?
I know they always are, if done in Your Name, not mine.
Can they be sweet to my own palate?
Wait, let me reflect. Some are indeed sweet to my taste.
Some are indeed bitter. Why the difference?

After so many years of living on this earth,
and experiencing so many things,
I realize some sacrifices I thought were made for You
were rather made on my behalf for You.

To sacrifice in my name on Your behalf is really
a sacrifice in my name, not Yours.
Your Son instructed us to be sure that the sacrifice of the right hand
is not known to that of the left hand.

Your Son is both a gentle and demanding Teacher.
Forgive me, I have not yet been able to teach my left hand
to keep secret what it is doing in Your Name from my right.
By Your grace and guidance, I will learn.

Your Son's sacrifice was bitter.
He asked You to spare His drinking from that bitter cup.
That's because it wasn't His cup.
It was ours.

How bitter, how sorrowful, this cup of ours must have been,
for Your very Son to sweat His blood in anticipation.
But Your Son drank it in obedience to You.

I am so sorrowful and yet grateful for His incomprehensible sacrifice.
I am so grateful that You sent angelic comfort to Him as
He did this for us.

I do love Him so much for this bitter sacrifice for us.
His sacrifice was a bitter and horrendous moment for You.
For You were Him. You are Him.

I am just overwhelmed by Your love,
and Your many ways of manifesting Yourself in the world,
in Your creation, in Your Body of Christ, in my family, in me.

The liturgy of some of our spiritual brothers and sisters pray,
at the time of communion commemorating Your sacrifice, is
"Lord, I am not worthy that You should come into me,
just speak the word and I will be healed."

Indeed so true.
Lord, I say this: "I am not worthy that You should come
into me, but I am so grateful that You have chosen to do so.
I welcome Your sacrifice and entrance into my being;
Speak the word and my life and being shall be healed."

You drank the bitterness. What is left?
Only the sweetness of my sacrifices to You and on
behalf of Your kingdom. You told us the only sacrifice You want
is a thankful heart.

Sometimes people on this earth say, "I'm eternally grateful."
I am grateful that I can tell You on this earth
that I am eternally grateful that I can praise Your Name
and sing my gratitude for eternity way beyond this earth.

In Christ's Name, my High Priest, and through the power of
the intercession of the Holy Spirit, Who takes these feeble prayers
to the Father with the groanings and inexplicable words without
sound on our behalf, Amen. So be it.

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John S. Hilkevich, Ph.D.
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