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~ Misplacing the Keys to the Kingdom ~

Part 3 of 4

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        Jesus made many analogies as to what the kingdom of heaven is like. The Internet didn't exist during His time on earth, but if it did, He might have begun a teaching story with, "The kingdom of God is like the World Wide Web…"

        The keys to the Internet are basically passwords and URLs (Universal Resource Locators). If you forget or misplace your password or URL, even though you have the ability, knowledge and programs, you just can't enter some places in cyberspace. Of course, there are the hackers who force their way into places they do not belong, just as Jesus said there are many who storm the gates of heaven, trying to force their way in without the authority.

        During the past couple of years billions of dollars and hours were spent on getting our electronic network Y2K compliant. Comparatively fewer people spent great energy, time, teamwork and resources getting their souls compliant with God's will. Our world slipped through the century change with minimal disruption and our electronic network is humming along better than ever. Unfortunately, God's will isn't provided the same free reign, resulting in delays or even sabotages of His Holy Spirit's work in our families, churches, nations and hearts.

        Internet sabotage is clever, covert and disguised. We are just recovering from billions of dollars of damage to corporate, government and personal computers by the recent "Love Bug" virus (that some e-purists prefer to call a "worm" since this intrusive program worked differently from previous viruses.) The lure was a declaration that hooks even the most hard of hearts: "I love you. Spiritual warfare is like that. Satan doesn't threaten us or scare us. He lures us with sweet deceit…I love you…I care about you…You are indispensable…You deserve peace and power…You are a god…The abundance of the universe is your right." Those are great names for a file attachment. But that file is really a Pandora's box program, full of evil and destruction. Open it and now your viable programs are full of worms, replicating themselves, taking over the control that was previously yours.

        The kingdom of heaven is like cyberspace. The gatekeepers of the Internet warned the world to not open these attachments. They advise securing your system with firewalls, antiviral shields and detection programs. For programs that got bit and damaged or destroyed, they offered solutions and strategies. The Bible is like that. We are instructed in nature of spiritual armor, breastplates and shields. Scripture even advises us to perform attachment scans ("discern the spirits") and tells us how to have our damaged souls and hearts healed and restored.

        Spiritual attachments come in many forms. Drugs say, "I love you and will make you feel good." Apostasy says, "The Bible was written for a different time. This is the New Age where God doesn't expect sacrifice but just wants you to be happy. That's all the really counts, that you and your kids are happy and fulfilled." These attachments will come into our lives. They will continue to lure us into opening them. Their presence isn't sin anymore than temptation is. (Christ was "tempted in every way" but was without sin.) But opening them up is foolish and allows their evil, wormy ways to infect our souls and grieve the Holy Spirit.

        Interesting how we are so vigilant with our computers, how we limit what files and URLs our children, loved ones and associates are permitted to open. But when it comes to spiritual practice, religious programs, and secular attachments, the response is often, "It's their decision, as long they are happy." That, itself, is another destructive file attachment and it's already been opened within families, schools, and souls.

Those in Christ can rejoice and be grateful. You have the truth programs, the spiritual virus and worm shields and scans, the heavenly URLs, and the passwords of the Holy Spirit! Keep those keys to the heavenly kingdom in hand and use them, humbly, productively, gratefully, and always in His Name.

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John S. Hilkevich, Ph.D.
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