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<>< October 2006 <><
Christ-Centered or Self-Centered?
The Many Levels of Folly
God Told Me
A Taste of Heaven
<>< September 2006 <><
Political Christianity?
The Kingdom of Desperation
What About the Pope?
Same Old Terrorism, New Face

 <>< August 2006 <><
No Eye For An Eye
Magical Mystery
Wet Paint, Do Not Touch
Please, Christians!
Wilderness Wisdom

<>< July 2006 <><
With  Christians  Like  These...
Radical Allegiance
The Spirituality of Gardening

<>< June 2006 <><
How To Build a Temple
The RFID Code
What About Apostolic Succession?
The Case Against In-Your-Face Evangelism
I Broke The Da Vinci Code

<>< May 2006 <><
Holy Discouragement
A Personal Relationship with Jesus?
Leonardo Da Vinci's Storm
Da Vinci Code Film Review
What If Jesus was Married?
When Donkeys Talk

<>< April 2006 <><
Completing the Suffering of Christ
Darwinism at Easter
The Heavens Opened
Seeing Jesus: Now You Do, Now You Don't

<>< March 2006 <><
A Lawyer for Jesus
Inexplicable Design
The Pain and Blessing of the Storm
Penance and Obligation
Questions and Answers About Lent

<>< February 2006 <><
Justice is Reconciliation
Living with Oneself by Moral Distancing
What Are We Thinking?
New Age and Old Age

<>< January 2006 <><
Separating Inspiration from Organization
Religious Freedom Day, 2006
The Freedom of Forgiveness
Through the Eyes of God

<>< December 2005 <><
Pentagrams, Crucifixes and Other Symbols
The Therapy of Family and Community
When We Think We Can't Pray
Christmas, 2005
Instant Christlikeness

<>< November 2005 <><
Christian Formation
Promises, Promises
Prayer's Influence on God's Plans
Psychology of Religion and Authenticity of Behavior

<>< October 2005 <><
The Many Houses of God, Part One
The Many Houses of God, Part Two
The Whole Truth
A Hot Water Bottle and a Doll

<>< September 2005 <><
Come Up Here!
Witnesses and Martyrs
More on Witnesses and Martyrs
The Prophet
Letters of Faith

<>< August 2005 <><
Back to the Future
I Happened To Be in the Neighborhood
Fearing Fear
Boldly Naming Our Demons

<>< July 2005 <><
All or Nothing
The Pain and Gift of Loneliness
Messengers of Hell
The Sacred, On Loan from God

<>< June 2005 <><
Caring for Prodigal Children and Parents
Star Wars
God Bless America and All Other Nations Too
Another Day of Doing Small Things
Homosexuality and Other Aberrations

<>< May 2005 <><
Bad Reasons for Christian Conversion
On Reasons for Christian Conversion
Following the Christ's Ascension
Oil Lamps Versus Floodlights

<>< April 2005 <><
After Easter, the Passion Continues
Tiny Drops Flooding Humanity
The Devotional Process of Understanding Scripture
Exegesis and Jesus
Exegesis and Prayer

<>< March 2005 <><
It's Beyond Me
Finding a Place for God
Cut My Heart Out and Listen To It
 Resurrection Celebration, 2005

<>< February 2005 <><
A Spiritual Food Pyramid - Part 1
A Spiritual Food Pyramid - Part 2
Social Scandals and Living Water
God's Limitations or Ours?


 <>< January 2005 <><
Prophetic Visions
It was a Good Day
Shadows of Death
Poems of the Spirit

<>< December 2004 <><
Lambs Versus Wolves
The Sorrowful Part of Christmas
Following the Virgin Mary
The Christmas Calling
A Resolution for the Kingdom of God

<>< November 2004 <><
Drawn to Arenas of Suffering
Thank the Scriptures for Science
They are Us
Thanksgiving is Forgetting We Exist

<>< October 2004 <><
Archery's Spiritual Dimension
The Sacredness of our Bodies
Experiencing our Doctrines
Boldly Accessing the Christ
The Test of Silence

<>< September 2004 <><
Weeping with Jesus
A Response to Weeping with Jesus
A Follow Up to "A Response to Weeping with Jesus"
In Honor of My Friends

<>< August 2004 <><
Living Psalm 30
The Fatal Lure of Appearances
When Being Weak Means Being Strong
Spiritual Symbols are Reality

<>< July 2004 <><
Images of War and Prayer
Something New Under the Sun
Lady Wisdom
Under God in Whom We Trust?
God Does Not Live in the Present Either

<>< June 2004 <><
The Form of Government God Blesses
Terror and Love in the Vineyard
Renewable and Redeemable
Written in the Dust

<>< May 2004 <><
The Leg Hold Trap
Do You Have Anything to Eat?
Forgive Me For Not Speaking Up, This Time
How Is It More Blessed to Give Than Get?

<>< April 2004 <><
The Sprouting Seeds of Passion in Bloom
Believing in What versus Who
Giving Up and Giving In to Him
The Great Celestial Symphony
The Economy of Forgiveness

<>< March 2004 <><
Enterting the Meaning of Passion (part 2)
Tone Deaf to the Scriptures
Don't Overlook Courage
Christ is Still the Incarnate

<>< February 2004 <><
Tell Them Stories
I Do Believe But Not Really
Enemies Within
Entering the Meaning of Passion

<>< January 2004 <><
The Prayer of Simeon
Check Out the Foundation
When a Clean House Can Cause Problems
The Folly of Gods and Goddesses
The Road in Our Hearts

<>< December 2003 <><
Lifting Christ's Possessions
The Kingdom's Advent
The Last Word of Christmas
Unto Us

<>< November 2003 <><
Down to Earth
Seeing the Face of Christ
Lost and Found in Translation
Why a Narrow Gate?

<>< October 2003 <><
Believe It or Not
Testifying to the Faith
The Roadmap of the Way
That the Blind May See
Search the Prisons

<>< September 2003 <><
Praying with Christ on the Cross
Praying with Christ in Gethsemane
Among the Greatest Ways to Serve
How God Sees Us

<>< August 2003 <><
Virtual Christianity
Dead Faith Smells Like Dead Fish
Happy and Sad at the Same Time
Offering It Up
Trusting, Resting and Being Disciplined

<>< July 2003 <><
Christ and Karma
Light of the World Under Maintenance
It Took Seven Days
When Weakness Is Strength

<>< June 2003 <><
Driven by Passion
Why and How?
Fishing and Playing King of the Hill
The Lacking Suffering of Christ

<><   May 2003  <><
Sins and Disorders
Watch Your Language!
Darkness Isn't Always A Bad Thing
Utterly Dependent
Narcissistic Religion

<><   April 2003  <><
In Memory of Him
Nailed by Love, Not Iron
Resurrection Celebration, 2003
The Slavery of Love

<><   March 2003  <><
In Question of “Inspirational” Literature
Time to Make Some Scripture Irrelevant
Why Are You Downcast, O My Soul
The Now and Future of the Kingdom
More on the Now and Future of the Kingdom

<><   February 2003  <><
Solitary Voices
The Enemies in Psalm 23 
Advent Isn’t Just for Christmas
Eternity Is Not Endless Time

<><   January 2003  <><
What “All” Includes
The Language of the Goats and Sheep
Labor Unions Won’t Buy It
The Sinner’s Prayer

<><   December 2002  <><
Beware of Secondary Gains
If The Salt Loses Its Saltiness
A Christmas Canticle
Mary, Martha and the New Year

<><   November 2002  <><
Perfect Striving
Spirit Warfare of the Psalms
If I Could Only Touch Him
Contemplative and Active Living
More On Contemplative and Active Living

 <><   October 2002  <><
Living a Parable
When War Is Not War Anymore
Martyrdom Is Not Necessarily Physical
Easy Christianity and Its Excuses

<><   September 2002  <><
The Freedom of Questioning 
Fat Cats and Fat Sheep
The Teaching of Mary Magdalene

<><   August 2002  <><
Aggressive Love and Justice
“The Living Word” Is Not a Metaphor
Don’t Act Like a Christian “Should”
The Jesus Depth Finder
More On The Jesus Depth Finder

<><   July 2002  <><
The Fruit Comes Later
Fearing The Holy Spirit
By the Testimony of The Saints
What If I Was the Only One?

<><   June 2002  <><
The Jewish Heritage
More on the Jewish Heritage
Full Of Grace
The Two Missing Crosses
Coming Over and Overcoming

<><   May 2002  <><
The Sanctification of Marriage
The Sanctification of Dating 
Poverty of Spirit
You Must Forgive

<><   April 2002  <><
In Praise of Prayer
Pondering Prayer
Following Up on Pondering and Praise of Prayer
National Day of Prayer, 2002

<><   March 2002  <><
Glory Be
Hope Is Power
Heavenly Treasures Are For Now
Easter Pretzels
The Paschal Mystery

<><   February 2002  <><
Dreamers, Wake Up!
Ongoing Incarnation
Wanted: Worshipers of God
Here I Am, Lord!

<><   January 2002  <><
The Cross We Are To Bear Is Not Christ's
When Teachings Hurt Faith
Time For The Old Joke To Die
If God Be Against Us, Who Will Be For Us?

<><   December 2001  <><
The Prayer of Jabez Revisited
Conformed To Which Image Of Christ?
Art Tears Open The Veil
A New Christmas Carol
New Year Resolutions Are Not About Us

<><   November 2001  <><
The Greatest Love
Falling Up
Theology Versus Experience
More On Theology Versus Experience

<><   October 2001  <><
Forward to Genesis
Rachel Is Still Weeping
Fasting From The Self
More on Fasting From The Self

<><   September 2001  <><
For Those Who Persecute Christ
Fair Treatment Questions
Holy War and Christlikeness

<><   August 2001  <><
My Testimony to our Lord
The Narrow Way Of Holiness
Blessed Assurance or Tragic Surprise?
Personal or Communal?

<><   July 2001  <><
Divine Designer Delights
The Big Bang and a Big God
Pontius Pilate in the Mirror
"Oneness" Is Painful

<><   June 2001  <><
God Loves You As Much As He Loves Christ
Jesus is Not your "Buddy"
Meager and Dangerous Worship
Never Give Up
Personal to Our Readers

<><   May 2001  <><
Losing Hope?
The Need for Suffering
Where Is Your Zeal And Strength?
Counterfeiting The Holy Spirit

<><   April  2001  <><
If Christ is Not God, He is a Bad Teacher
A Psalm to My Lord
Churches are Not Buildings
Don't Blame Adam or Eve

<><   March 2001  <><
Sequel to Unredeemed Believer
Earth-bound Promises
How Can You Know If You Love God?
Prayer Guidance
Effatha!  Open up!

<><   February 2001  <><
Choose Whom You Will Serve
What is Light?
Unclaimed Blessings
Unredeemed Believer

<><   January 2001  <><
Lead Me Not Into Temptation (Part 1)
Lead Me Not Into Temptation (Part 2)
Satanic Faith
Unholy Communion

<><   December 2000  <><
A Prayer Story (Part 2)
The Blessing of Forsakenness
The Secret Place
In Adoration and Thanksgiving
Saying the Word

<><   November 2000  <><
Yes, You Do Have Faith
Resting in Confident Expectation
Miraculous Faith
A Prayer Story (Part 1)

<><   October 2000  <><
Faith and Personalizing Scripture

<><   September 2000  <><
Lord, Teach Us To Pray
Logic: The Enemy of Faith

August 2000: Who Is the Holy Spirit?
  Part 1   <><  Part 2   <><  Part 3   <><  Part 4

 July 2000: The Call of Christ
  Part 1   <><  Part 2   <><  Part 3   <><  Part 4

 June 2000: Bill of Citizenship in the Kingdom
  Part 1   <><  Part 2   <><  Part 3   <><  Part 4

May 2000: Misplacing the Keys to the Kingdom
  Part 1   <><  Part 2   <><  Part 3   <><  Part 4

April 2000: Wisdom Versus Knowledge
  Part 1   <><  Part 2   <><  Part 3   <><  Part 4

March 2000: Sweet Sacrifices
  Part 1   <><  Part 2   <><  Part 3   <><  Part 4

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September 1998

Management of Trauma


October 1998

Healing the Wounded Spiritual Warrior



Thanksgiving and the Practice of Gratitude



Holidays or Holy Days?


January 1999

Resolutions and New Beginnings


February 1999

The Dark Night of the Soul


April 1999

On Dying and Resurrecting


May 1999

Preventing Relapse after Rebirth


June 1999

Parenthood and Its Mission


July 1999

Inside Look at Freedom and Independence


August 1999

The Heart of a New Millennium


September 1999

Placebo Prayer vs Power Prayer


October 1999

The Biotheology of Love


November 1999

Praying Without Ceasing


December 1999

And the Band Played On


January 2000

C2C Compliant?


February 2000

Adjusting the Focal Point

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